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Adults can help as Leaders, Assistant Leaders and Section Assistants in all sections of the movement. This is very important as without this support we cannot function.

For example: In a Cub pack you can have a Cub Leader, 1 or more Assistant Cub Leaders, and 1 or more Section Assistants.

Many people might think they have no suitable skills to offer as a Leader in Scouting, but they would be wrong. Everyday things that you do at home or at work could be of use to us.

It can also be great fun for the Leaders and Assistants too. Getting to try activities you might never have thought you would, and making a whole new circle of friends.

Adults can work as Leaders or Assistant Leaders from the age of 18.

Leaders and Assistant Leaders become a full member of the Association, taking a promise and wearing uniform; while Section Assistants can choose to be uniformed or not.

Leaders are given the required training in a variety of training modules, tailored to meet the volunteers requirements.

For facts not fiction about volunteering to help with Scouting take a look at these links.
Adults in Scouting - the facts

Scout Active Support is the new name for what used to be called Scout Fellowship, is open to adults with an interest in Scouting.

The membership is a mixture of:
People who want to help Scouting, but may feel they don't have the time to commit to being a full time section Leader. Retired Leaders who still like to help Scouting, as well as Leaders who also want to take part in the social aspects of the Unit.

The section provides assistance where asked in the running and staffing of District and County activities.

Most Units also holds monthly meetings, usually with some form of activity or talk, plus occasional trips, visits, dinners or other social events.

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