is a new provision , to help young people gain skills for life at a time when it matters most and where it’s most needed.

Who are Squirrels?

Squirrel Scouts are young people aged 4 to 6 who:

    • Play games and learn new skillsSquirrels
    • Have fun and get outdoors
    • Make new friends

Each week, they assemble in their dreys to engage in a variety of games and activities, hopping, skipping, and jumping their way through challenges. They accomplish whatever they set their minds to, all while having a great deal of fun. The one-hour sessions provide an excellent opportunity for young individuals to take their initial steps into the world of Scouts. Moreover, these sessions assist everyone in preparing for the adventure of school.

What do Squirrels get up to?

Being a Squirrel Scout is centred around fun and friendship, coupled with personal growth and learning. Here are some of the exciting activities you'll engage in with your new found friends.

Exploring the great outdoors

You'll enjoy ample time outdoors with your Squirrel Drey. Together, you could construct a den, embark on a treasure hunt, or explore a museum. While climbing Mount Everest might not be on the immediate agenda, rest assured, there'll be numerous adventures right at your doorstep. Being a Squirrel Scout is all about embracing the opportunities around you, regardless of where you are or who you're with.

Trying new activities and learning new things

Squirrels 2Attending Squirrel Scouts differs significantly from nursery or school experiences. Rather than learning solely from books, you'll navigate the world through exploration, play, and hands-on activities.

The skills cultivated at Squirrel Scouts are those that empower you to stand confidently on your own two feet. These essential character skills encompass resilience, encouraging you to rise and try again, and teamwork, emphasizing the importance of contributing and playing your role. It's all about summoning the courage to venture into new experiences and extracting valuable lessons from them.

Nights Away

Squirrels, too, have the opportunity to embark on thrilling Nights Away adventures, just like their counterparts in other sections. So, gather your sleeping mats, pack your bags, and don your neckers it's time for an unforgettable sleepover!

Check out the exciting adventures that Squirrels from Darlington experienced during their inaugural Nights Away journey.

Moving up to Beavers

In time, you'll bid farewell to the Squirrel Scouts and explore your next big adventure with Beavers.