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Weekly, come together in lively groups known as Beaver Colonies, where they bound, skip, and jump their way through many games and activities. Here, the spirit is one of boundless achievement, where they set their minds to anything and everything, all while having an abundance of fun on their collective journey.

Beavers are young people, aged 6 to 8, who:

Embracing the world of Beavers is an adventure in small yet powerful growth and learning. It's about immersing yourself in the great outdoors with your Colony. Whether you're constructing a den, embarking on a seaside excursion, or orchestrating a Beaver sleepover beneath the stars, countless adventures await right on your doorstep. The essence of being a Beaver lies in maximising the potential of your surroundings, regardless of where you are or who you're with. It's about making the most of the present moment and the rich experiences it holds.

At Beavers, the most valuable skills you'll acquire are the ones that empower you to stand confidently on your own two feet. We refer to these as character skills, and they encompass qualities like integrity being honest and doing what you believe is right and initiative knowing how to take the lead on something without waiting to be asked. It's a journey of courage, where trying new things and learning from those experiences become fundamental aspects of personal growth. Through these character skills, Beavers learn not just to navigate challenges but to thrive independently and with resilience.

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After Beavers comes Cubs, Beavers usually move up to Cubs when they are 8 years old