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represent an energetic and proactive community of young individuals aged 14 to 18, constituting the dynamic fifth section of the Scouts.

Consistently, they assemble in Units weekly, where the spirit of exploration thrives. Explorers embrace the opportunity to experiment with new activities, forge new friendships, and collectively undertake the modest challenge of contributing to positive change in the world. This age group embodies the essence of curiosity, adventure, and a collective determination to make a meaningful impact.

Explorers also have the opportunity to be a part of The Young Leaders’ Scheme which develops their leadership skills and sense of responsibility, by helping to run meetings for younger sections.

Being an Explorer is a journey of self-discovery, where you navigate the world on your own terms and maximize the potential of your surroundings, regardless of where you are or who you're with.

Explorer programme In the company of new found friends, you'll cultivate skills that not only make you stronger but also contribute to your long-term happiness. This exploratory path offers the chance to delve into experiences that might be beyond the reach of your everyday life at home or school.

Whether you're trekking to distant lands or collaborating on building a robot in your local town hall, the freedom is yours to choose the adventures that captivate you. Explorers have the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with adults, turning their chosen pursuits into reality and creating a vibrant tapestry of memorable experiences.

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Following Explorer Scouts, the Scout Network caters for people 18-25 years old

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