International activities and International understanding are an integral part of Scouting.

Cultivating relationships with Scouts and organisations worldwide enhances our understanding of diverse people and global issues. As part of a vast movement, the UK Scout Association collaborates with Scout Associations in 216 countries and territories, collectively forming the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

In pursuit of the Scouting aim and the challenge posed by our Founder to 'leave the world a little better than you found it,' Scouts have the power to make a meaningful impact. Whether embarking on a simple camping trip or engaging in development projects, infusing an international perspective into your Program offers an excellent opportunity to expand a young person's horizons.

  1. International Volunteering Opportunities: Discover a range of international volunteering opportunities, providing a chance to contribute to meaningful projects and make a positive impact on a global scale.

  2. Upcoming International Events: Stay updated on international events planned both in the UK and around the world. Explore exciting opportunities for engagement and participation in events that promote cross-cultural exchange within the Scouting community.

  3. Global Scouting Links: Explore the extensive network of international links that showcase the full global Scouting experience. Learn about connections with Scout organizations worldwide, fostering a sense of unity and shared experiences across diverse cultures.

  4. Thinking of an Overseas Venture: Embarking on an international Scouting adventure is often more straightforward than one might imagine. A well-defined rule and process exist, complemented by a wealth of guidance from individuals with extensive international Scouting experience.

Grants for International Events

Durham Scout County will consider applications for grants from youth members and leaders attending international Scout events and Community Development projects. Funding will be directed towards members in need of financial support, to allow access to events in accordance with the Scout Association's policy on inclusion.

Applications are considered by the ACC (International) and referred to the  County Finance Management Board for approval, with appropriate supporting information.

To make things simple, we now have just one form to fill in, which you can use to apply for support with external fundraising and/or support from county funds.

Please email for further information.

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