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Enabling individuals to contribute to Scouting with flexibility, Scout Active Support offers an avenue for involvement without the full-time commitment of a leadership role. This resource is at the disposal of local Scouting managers, who can utilize it according to their specific needs.

Open to individuals aged 18 and above, Scout Active Support provides a flexible volunteering opportunity tailored to the preferences of the adults involved. Prior Scouting experience is not a prerequisite; all that's needed is a willingness to dedicate some time to support Scouting activities.

Active Support units engage in a variety of roles, including event organization, adventurous activity coordination, fundraising, assistance to Section Leaders, hosting social activities for the District, and conducting skills-based sessions and training. Essentially, 'active support' encompasses a wide range of activities, with the possibilities being virtually endless.

These are just a few examples.

Sunderland District Active Support Unit Andrew

Becoming a part of the Sunderland District Scout Active Support Unit provides you with the opportunity to contribute to exceptional scouting experiences for our youth, connect with like-minded individuals, and acquire skills that can benefit your group or section. It may also enhance your capabilities for a potential career. This is an ideal option for those who wish to support scouting in the district but face challenges volunteering with youth sections. Additionally, it offers a delightful experience for existing leaders seeking more enjoyment with fellow scouter’s.

Andrew, the District SASU manager, oversees the unit. To join and participate in events, reach out to him at for details on how you can engage with the unit.

Currently, Durham County boasts six County Scout Active Support Units, welcoming individuals over the age of 18, including adult leaders, commissioners, members of the Scout Network, supporters, and those with an interest in scouting from outside the organization.

Explore the links below to learn more about each Scout Active Support Unit and to express your interest in offering your services.

County Scout Active Support Units are the: