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Volunteer in scouting - contact us at info@sunderlandscouts.org.uk
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We currently have vacancies and opportunities for :-

Management Team members, Group Leader Roles and Parent Helpers as well as Supporters and Trustees

Scouting is a worldwide Movement with nearly 40 million members, both youth and adults. In the UK we have just over 400,000 young members actively involved in Scout Groups like our own – this number could be much higher if we had just a few more adult volunteers!

Our award-winning training scheme for volunteers means that adults get as much from Scouting as our young people

Who can volunteer? - volunteerAnyone can volunteer for Scouting from any background. We welcome any gender, sex, ethnic background or religion (or lack thereof – many Leaders are not religious!). The only requirement for entry into Scouting as a volunteer is to pass an Enhanced DBS check without a barring conviction. The Scout Association will carry out your DBS check free of charge. Any skills you have can be useful to Scouting. You don’t need to be a hardcore adventurer like Bear Grylls, we have a need for DIY skills, computer whizzes and anything else!

One of the main reasons we have to limit the number of young people we can allow into Groups is the number of adult volunteers we have available. We could increase our membership with just a few more volunteers!

What roles are available? - The most obvious; volunteer roles are the Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders. These are the ones who put on the uniform, plan and run the weekly programme. But volunteering in Scouting isn't limited to just these. Every Group and District is backed by an Executive Committee operated entirely by volunteers, anyone is welcome to sign up as an Occasional Helper if they want to come in whenever they have the spare time!

When someone talks to us about volunteering, we find a role that fits with their time and skills. If that means an hour a month, then we will work out how we can make the most of this time. Most importantly, we will work hard to make that one hour enjoyable and meaningful for the volunteer too.

How much time do I need to commit? - None. Not a single one of our volunteers has signed a contract or made it clear that they're always available. Typically volunteering in Scouting is rated at 2 hours per week, but no one will hold you to that. The underpinning value of volunteering is to give what you can whenever you can! Most of our volunteering team have full time jobs and domestic lives just like you do. You could volunteer once a week, once a month or even once a year! Every second of time you give is incredibly valuable.

Whats in it for me? - Volunteering for Scouting looks great on a CV for starters. Apart from Femaile leaderthat you'll meet many new friends and face challenges you never thought you ever would! Being involved in Scouting makes you an active figure in your local community and you'll be making a huge difference. If you decide to complete your Adult Training, you'll earn the Wood Badge which you can get accredited as a nationally recognised qualification.

10 Reasons to Volunteer
We asked our Young people for reasons why their leaders are great and put them together to give you 10 reasons to volunteer.

1. There is always somebody to laugh at your terrible jokes. 

'He tells awful jokes, but they are so bad that you can't help but like them'- Elenya

2. You adopt a new family that never stops extending.

'They are not like my parents, they are like brothers and sisters to me.' – Kamil

3. When you don't feel like you're good enough, there are people around you who think you're the best!

'He is amazing! He is always coming up with great ideas and is full of energy.' - Tim

4. Your encouragement gives a young person hope.

 'They never give up on you!' - Abbie

Cub smiling 5. Your support can put a smile on a young person's face when they are having a tough day.

'They help me through some really hard times in my life and they make everything fun.'- Phoebe

6. By being you, you can teach others that it's ok to be themselves.

 'He teaches me how to be myself'- Amir

7. By becoming a leader you can lead young people on the adventure of a lifetime.

'My Scout Leaders took our group from doing barely anything, with nights just revolving around games to getting out and doing some truly amazing things.'- James

8. You become more than a volunteer, you become somebody's mentor.

'They give us advice and lots of cool opportunities'- Sofia

9. You develop relationships that stand the test of time.

Cub leader'My old Cub Leader is one of the most important people in my life, we have some of the most incredible memories at camps, coffee catch ups and so on. She's someone that's always filled with energy and wants the kids and herself to have so much fun! She's simply incredible, I love her to the moon and back.'- Caitlyn

10. Your dedication to Scouting helps somebody to achieve awards!

'They helped us get our Chief Scouts Gold (Award)'- Caroline

I'm convinced what do I need to? - If you'd like to volunteer just email volunteer@sunderlandscouts.org.uk and one of our recruitment team well be in touch!

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