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Nights Away - Form NAN Submission & Checklist

Form NAN (Nights Away Notification) is used by the Permit Holder or Event Leader to seek APPROVAL for a Nights Away event to take place – see P.O.R.
The Permit Holder must ensure that a Form NAN and a related Risk Assessment are submitted to the DC or the DC’s delegated nominees, for each event for which they are responsible. Nights Away Events range from sleepovers in your Scout Hall to the most challenging survival camps and expeditions. Adult Groups are required to notify the DC or delegated Nominees of Nights Away Events.

Purpose and Use
The NAN form provides the information a Commissioner requires to Approve an event to take place The Permit holder is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate Commissioner is informed about each section attending a nights away event (even a District or County event). For all Nights Away events the information should be with your Commissioner (or appointee) 7 days before the event (in normal circumstances). How the information is passed on will depend on local arrangements (this may be for example by telephone call, e-mail or online form). 
Please ensure that your GSL / DESC is also aware of the event.

Events may not go ahead until the Nights Away Event has been formally approved by the DC. In practice, the Approval section of Form NAN will be signed off and returned to the Permit Holder or Event Leader who presented it.
These documents must be submitted at least 7 days  before the event is due to commence so there is at least a small window in which you can try and resolve significant issues rather than cancel altogether - something no one wants.

Completing Form NAN is straightforward and mostly self-explanatory.
By following these guidelines, you can avoid many of the common pitfalls that result in the form being returned for amendment.
Form NAN can be found at:

  a. The Permit Holder is responsible for ensuring Form NAN is submitted. Normally it is submitted by the Permit Holder or Event Leader with the Permit Holder’s knowledge. Form NAN and the related Risk Assessment should be sent to the DC
  b. State the numbers attending clearly, making sure that the Adult / Young People ratio minimum requirements are met.
  c. The Permit Holder
1. must have an appropriate and current permit for the activity recorded on Compass – e.g., Indoor, Campsite, Greenfield, Lightweight Expedition.
2. is responsible for the overnight event at all times (see P.O.R., and should be present for the duration but at the very least, during periods that provision has been made for sleeping.

Names Of ALL Adults Attending:
1. Enter the names and membership number for each adult. For absolute clarity, adults without a current DBS disclosure check recorded on Compass may not stay overnight. This is absolute; if their disclosure has expired, they may not attend unless a new one has actually been issued.
2. IMPORTANT: Leaders who are responsible for the young people, must have up to date safety and safeguarding training.
3. IMPORTANT: If an adult, who is not a Permit Holder, has a Scouting DBS from outside Sunderland District, the DC of their District must confirm that they are a current member of the Scout Association and provide their membership number (This information is not available to Sunderland Leaders on Compass.)

  e. List any Activities where a permit holder or specific qualification is required and include details of the activity leader or provider, their qualifications, and Scout Association membership number if they have one.
  f. Complete the IN TOUCH section, clearly explaining how the system will work in practice. “Fully Complete” means addressing the five points (1,2,2a,3 and 4) set out in P.O.R and in Fact Sheet FS120075 which can be found at this link
Important note; any person acting as a main contact, with access to the personal and contact information of the participants or their parents/guardians, must have a current DBS that is recorded on Compass. Their name and Scout Association membership number must be provided on the In Touch section of the form.
  g. Complete a written Activity Risk Assessment (RA) and send it to the DC along with Form NAN. Once agreed, you must share it with parents/guardians.
Special Note: It is conceivable that if your planned activities are thwarted for any reason, especially if they are adventurous (Hiking, Climbing, Canoeing, Survival etc), Leaders normally plan alternative activities “just in case”. The box adjacent to “Contingency Planning” should be ticked (or “Y”) and your Risk Assessment should include managing any risks associated with the alternative activity. (For clarity, there is no need to have contingency plans for the contingency plans).
  h. All groups undertaking a Nights Away event must have immediate access to someone who has a current First Aid qualification, minimum First Response. See also P.O.R. which sets out more detail including the need for a higher level of First Aid competence in some circumstances.

The NAN form is used to collect information about you and your team for the purpose of approving this nights away activity, this is to be used by the Commissioner. As part of this form we collect personal data about you and your team, this detail is required so that we can check that everyone meets the membership and vetting requirements for the event and that appropriate permit holders are in place. We do not share your personal data provided in this form with any third parties. We take your personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide to us is securely stored (based on local arrangements) and we will keep the data we capture from this form for 2 months after the event for any queries that arise then it will be securely destroyed. For further detail on our retention periods please visit our Data Protection Policy.

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