Adult Training

Adult volunteers are at the heart of Scouting, and we hope that you will get every bit as much out of it as you put in. Scouting is not only about young people, but also about the development of adults within the Movement.

To support adults in Scouting, the Association provides a comprehensive programme of training to build on existing skills and knowledge and develop new competencies.

Some elements of training can count towards externally-recognised qualifications, and within the movement there are also awards to recognise dedication to training and outstanding service.

Should you have any Modules that need validation, then email your Training Adviser who will be able to help with this, if you dont know who your Training Adviser is than email

Getting Started with your Training.

As a new leader/manager in Scouting you will start your training by undertaking the modules which we refer to as the 'Getting Started'

These modules need to be completed within your first 5 months in Scouting so that your role can be made a full appointment. Depending on your role these modules are module 1, 2 & 3 or 4,Trustee Introduction,plus GDPR, Safeguarding, Safety and First Aid.

To help you plan and validate these modules you will be allocated a Training Advisor who will guide you through your learning process. Your Group Scout Leader is responsible for helping you achieve your training so please ask them for their help when you need it.

Once you have completed your 'Getting Started' modules you are in control, with the help of your GSL, to book onto courses, attend training and request validation for modules you are ready to be sign off too achieve your Wood Badge.

To help you with validation our Training Advisers team hold drop-in sessions most weeks in the scout shop based at Kyall House on a Wednesday night between 1930- 2030 on weeks the shop is open.

Getting Started Training Courses
All the Getting Started Training courses are on-line training courses, this includes the Mandatory Training Modules, module validation for modules 03 & 04 is needed by a training advisor, please follow the Links below to start your leaning.


Essential Information (01)
Tools for the Job (Section Leaders) (03)
Tools for the Role (Managers & Supporters) (04)
Trustee Introduction

Durham County do also deliver training modules, information of which modules are been ran and dates are available on the County Training page. were you can also sign up to attend

Getting Started Modules

Module 01 - Essential information training

Essential Information is great training for all adults involved in Scouts as it provides information on Scouts history, our fundamentals such as the Promise and Law, how to keep everyone safe and more about our structure and how Scouts are inclusive. 

It’s independent learning, so you don’t have to attend a course to complete it.  

Who should complete the training?

Almost all volunteers in Scouts need to complete this training. You can check the lists all roles and their training requirements to see what training is required for your role. 

What does this training include?

There are five lessons in the module and an assessment at the end. You’ll need to score 100% in the assessment to unlock the certificate of completion. 

What are the training objectives? 

By doing this e-learning, you’ll: 

  • Understand the basics of Scouts’ volunteer training scheme.
  • Learn about our movement’s history
  • Explore the fundamentals of Scouts and how to bring them to life.
  • Understand the importance of the Safety and Safeguarding policies in keeping people safe while in the Scouts.
  • Learn about our structure, and find out where you fit within Scouts and the support that’s available
  • Understand the Equal Opportunities policy, and how to make sure every member feels included and able to fully participate in Scouts

Module 02 - Personal Learning Plan

We know that many Scout volunteers have prior learning which they can apply to their Scouts role. Meet with your Training Adviser and complete your Personal Learning Plan together, recognising your previous experience.

Your Training Adviser will be able to help you identify the modules when you discuss your Personal Learning Plan with them (if you have a role that requires this). This’ll help you identify the learning you need, as well as choosing the method of validation that’s right for you

Every volunteer role at the Scouts needs to complete training. All the information you need is avalable on the Learners page of the Scouting website

You can download the resources for :-
Adult's Personal File for Section Leaders
Adult's Personal File for Managers and Supports
Adult's Personal File for Non -Wood Badge appointments

Module 03 - Tools for the job (Section Leaders)

Note: this module requires validation by a training advisor

Tools for the Role (Section Leaders) is a mandatory module for Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants. It covers the basic information on the individual’s role or area of responsibility and some practical help to get the individual started in the role. Topics covered:

  • Features of the section
  • Roles with in the section
  • Using activities and games
  • Youth shaped Scouting
  • Promoting positive behaviour

Learning methods available:

  • Course
  • Small group
  • One to one
  • E-learning

Course, small group one-to-one or E-Learning

Module 3 is available to be completed as a course, in a small group or one to one. Please contact your local training team or speak to your Training Adviser for more information, including dates of local courses. Module 3 is also available as e-learning.

Module 04 - Tools for the job (Managers & Supporters)

Note: this module requires validation by a training advisor

Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters) is a mandatory module for those who hold a Manager or Supporter role in Scouting. It covers the key information about the individual’s role, areas of responsibility and where they can find further information and support. Topics covered:

  • Role responsibilities and responsibilities of those they line manage or work closely with
  • Six areas of leadership and management
  • Managing time and personal skills
  • Ensuring quality programme

Learning methods available:

  • Course 
  • Small group
  • One to one
  • e-learning

Course, small group, one to one or E-Learning:

Module 4 is available to be completed as a course, in a small group or one to one. Please contact your local training team or speak to your Training Adviser for more information, including dates of local courses. Module 4 is also available as e-learning.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

GDPR Training is a mandatory module for all appointments. It covers the basic information that individual’s need to know in relation to the General Data Protection Regulations, what this means for their role and for Scouting and how to effectively align with it.

Topics covered:

  • Personal Data
  • Individuals' rights
  • Consent
  • Accountability & Governance

GDPR training is only available as e-learning.

By visiting Durham Scout County Adult Training pages you will find information on and date's of course's which make up the Scout Adult Training Scheme which you are able to attend to help you complete your Wood Badge training.