Adult Training

Volunteers form the core of the Scouts, and we aim for you to gain as much from your experience as you invest in it.

We recognise that Scouting extends beyond the growth of young individuals; it also encompasses the development of our dedicated volunteers. In order to assist Scout volunteers, participation in a comprehensive training program is mandatory. This program includes essential training, role specific modules, and continuous learning opportunities.

Our training program is designed to enhance your existing skills and knowledge, with certain components contributing towards the attainment of externally recognised awards.

Getting Started with your Training.

During your initial five months of volunteering with the Scouts, it is essential to complete your Getting Started training. These modules can be undertaken in any order.

*Except for modules 03 and 04, the listed modules are designed for independent learning. You can validate your understanding by successfully completing the online assessment at the conclusion of each module.

*Tools for the Role (Section Leaders) (03) and Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters) (04) must be validated by a training adviser.

To help you plan and validate these modules, a designated Training Advisor will be assigned to provide guidance throughout your learning journey. Your Group Scout Leader (GSL) is pivotal in supporting your training, so feel free to reach out to them for assistance whenever necessary.

For additional support with validation, our Training Advisers team conducted drop-in sessions most weeks at the District scout shop located at Kyall House on Wednesday nights between 19:30 and 20:30 during weeks when the shop is open.

After finishing your 'Getting Started' modules, you gain autonomy. With the assistance of your GSL, you can independently schedule courses, participate in training, and request validation for modules you are prepared to be signed off on, working towards achieving your Wood Badge.

If you have any modules requiring validation, please reach out to your Training Adviser via email for assistance. If you're unsure about the identity of your Training Adviser, feel free to contact us at

What are the Getting Started Training Modules

The Getting Started Modules encompass the essential training required for all roles.

These modules include


Essential Information (01)
Tools for the Job (Section Leaders) (03)
Tools for the Role (Managers & Supporters) (04)
Trustee Introduction

Modules 03 and 04 must be validated by a Training Advisor.

Comprehensive information about the content of each module is available on the training pages of the Scouts website.

By visiting Durham Scout County Adult Training pages you will find information on and date's of course's which make up the Scout Adult Training Scheme which you are able to attend to help you complete your Wood Badge training.